Integrity Airmotive, LLC

Providing quality aircraft maintenance and repairs with Integrity at affordable prices.

ABS  Academy Trained
Engine Overhauls
Borescope Inspections
RAM Engine Upgrades
Pre-buy / 100 Hr / Annuals
Major and Minor Repairs
Expert Window Replacements
Dynamic Propeller Balancing
Insight Dealer
Avionics / Panel Upgrades
Pick Up and Delivery Services
Aircraft Brokerage Services

We dot the i's and cross the t's on... Integrity!

Hangar 54 Located at Hefner-Easley  Airport (H68)
30 nautical ESE of Tulsa, OK

James Stiles - Owner
918.486.1422 office
918.640.7817 mobile
  When considering a certified A&P/IA to perform quality aircraft repairs and maintenance on your investment, choose wisely based on candidate experience, knowledge, character and attention to detail, as if your life depended on it, because it does.

In that regard, I'd be pleased to speak with you about your aircraft needs and welcome the opportunity of offering you solutions for them. Feel free to reach me using the contact information to the right in the next column over. I thank you for considering  Integrity Airmotive, LLC.
A Short Bio:

Before I could walk I was saying "airplane", or so my folks always said. Thus began my love affair with aviation. Suffice it to say that, in the course of my life, I never thought I'd be where I am now so, there is definite proof and truth in the saying, "There but by the grace of God go I".

That said, I must admit that I enjoy working on airplanes almost as much as I do flying them. It made perfect sense to study hard, earn the education and get the ratings to be able to fulfill my dream of someday working on airplanes in support of keeping the General Aviation "common man and woman" flying.

Over the course of my 33 year flying life I've owned a mix of various aircraft including a current 4th Bonanza, an A36, which I am in partnership with three of the best partners anyone could ask for. To say that I have intimate knowledge and experience on the Beech Bonanza and Baron lines would be a bit of an understatement. Everyone has their make and model preference and so, I am drawn to the Beechcraft line of aircraft. Their mix of solid design, beauty and performance made that choice for me.

I started Integrity Airmotive, LLC with the belief that ever industry needs a shot of "integrity". To that end, I provide high quality aircraft maintenance services at reasonable rates, such that I might be able to make it affordable to all who, like me in my younger years, had meager financial beginnings but still a burning desire for plying the skies. It was because of those who helped me along and made it affordable and possible for me to pursue the pleasures of flying, that I felt the need to "pay it forward".

I'm not a blogger or website guru and so don't have a lot out there promoting Integrity Airmotive, LLC. Business cards, satisfied customers and good word of mouth seem quite enough at this point.

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